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Dimensions :   2.1  X  3.2  cm
Material:   oyster fossil
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HTF LP Thuad of
Carving Oyster Fossil
Wat ChediHoi
B.E.2542, Pathumthani
This is a HTF oyster-fossil carving LP Thuad of Wat ChediHopi, Pathumthani, B.E. 2542. Holy LP Thuads of this batch were initiated by LP ThongKlueng with natural holy objects plus with a great blessing ceremony on April 9, that year.

A huge pile oyster fossils were found in an area of the temple of about 8 meter deep from the ground. The main place where the fossils were found now became a pond.

Wat ChediHoi situates in Pathumthani province which was close to Bangkok.
Once around 8-10 million years ago, the province and Bangkok were a part of the sea.  The temple was established and constructed in 2530s under the direction of LP ThongKueng -  the present Abbot. 

LP ThongKlueng was a disciple of famous LP Seng Wat Bangna, Pathumthani and LP Uttama Wat Wang Wiwekaram, Kanchanaburi. 

LP Thongklueng traveled into a deep jungle in Kanchanaburi province. One day he saw a holy place in his meditation and an amazing voice told him to establish a temple right there. By his meditation, the place was once a city named "RattanawadeeNagara" in the ancient time and he was then the governor.

In late 2520s-early 2530s, he was roving to find such the holy place as seen in his meditation. Then an area in Ladlumkaew district, Pathumthani province was found - everything here looked the same as what he had seen in meditation.

LP ThongKlueng consulted his father that he wanted to establish and construct a temple right there but he had no money. His philanthropic father gave him a hugh sum of money to buy a vast land of 113  Rai (around 45 acre).

While digging deep to the ground in a temple's area - now a big pond, a hugh pile of oyster fossils were found.  Samples of fosssils were sent to Department of Mineral Resources for age estimation - they were reported the age of 8-10 million years.

An ultra-Dhamma monk explained that oyster-fossils are holy objects, they gather to die at one specifical place like a big cemetery. They wanted to reborn after staying there many million years. They devoted their body to do merit as LP ThongKlueng brought their fossil body to have Chedis constructed - the world's only place for Chedi of this kind.

And the fossils were also brought to carve LP Thuad amulets as seen on the above pics.

Many kinds of fossils in Thai belief are holy objects called "Gayasit" - they were haunted by holy and highly living lives.

In a paying respect to teacher day, LP ThongKlueng performed  a religious ceremony - citing respective words to the oyster fossils. He called them PooHoi MaeYah Hoi - the great grand father and mother oysters.   

Chedi = stupa
Hoi = Mollusca
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