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LP Tim, Wat Laharnrai
LP Thaab, Wat KrabokKuenpueng

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龙婆塔2505年南帕雅 瓦噶博困碰寺 罗勇府

HTF LP Thaab NangPhaya
Larng Kradan w / Shellac Coat
Co-blessed by LP Tim
Wat KrabokKuenpueng
B.E. 2505

Dimensions:   1.7 X 2.0 cm
Material(s): Baked clay / coated with shellac
Item Ref: pth57106

This is a HTF LP Thaab NangPhaya Larng Kradan, Early 2500s, Wat KrabokKuenpueng, Rayong Province. The NangPhaya was co-blessed by LP Tim of Wat Laharnrai who was a very close friend of LP Thaab.

The NangPhaya is very efficacious for KlaewKlaad, Maha Metta, Maha Saneh, and Maha Amnaj.

Larng Kradan = wood-grain stripes back

The NangPhaya is baked clay and coated with shellac. It was mixed with the following holy materials :

1) Five kinds of holy powder --Itthijae, Patthamang, Maharaj, Phutdhakhun, and Trinisinghae

2) Fine ground burned holy
Bailan (old Khom-alphabet scriptures written on dry palm leaves belonged to LP Thaab). How does the holy Bailan look like, please see the pic of an example.

Green bee wax, prepared by LP Thaab himself.

It's the very special formula of bee wax prepared by LP Thaab himself by adding holy powders and herbs, then blessed with Phutdhakom for Maha Metta and Maha Saneh.

LP Thaab's Green bee wax is so efficacious that if any lady has been touched with it even in a very small quanlity, the lady will be in falling in love mood.

While LP Thabb was still alive, lots of young men tried hard to beg for the magic wax from him --some stayed over many nights at the temple to show eagerness and to urge for sympathy, but LP Thaab just gave them each with a small quantlty of the wax at a mungbean size with one important condition:

" If you had relations with any lady by the result the wax, it's you MUST take all responsibility and look after her as a wife !! "

The NangPhaya including all amulets of LP Thaab had been primarily blesssed by LP Thaab himself for a Trimas (a 3-month Buddhistic Lent period) and then they were blessed for the second time by renowned and qualified Guru monks of Rayong Province such as:

1) LP Tim, Wat Laharnrai
2) LP Hom, Wat Chakmaak
3) LP Lad, Wat NongKrabok
4) LP Yen, Wat Baanlang
5) LP Chan, Wat TapongNok
6) LP Nid, Wat Thabma

The 2 temples -- Wat KrabokKuenpueng and Wat Laharnrai are not so faraway, they are situated in the same district of BaanKai, Rayong Province. LP Thaab and LP Tim were close friends of each other since they were young monks. They both roved and lived in the deep jungles together to practice Lord Buddha Dhamma. And they had some same teachers for incantation study.

After leaving jungles, the two LPs were separately and going each own way for incantation study and Dhamma practice. Later LP Thaab settled at Wat KrabokKuenpueng by the invitation of local folk people while LP Tim settled at Wat Raiwari of which later the name was changed to Wat Laharnrai.
The two Guru monks were always getting in touch and visiting each other for exchanging incantation knowledge. In all important blessing ceremonies held in Rayong Province, the TWO would always be reverently invited to join-- if LP Tim had been seen, then LP Thaab would be seen too. So, this is why their names would be called by a rhyming word:
Tim/Thaab or Thaab/Tim.

LP Thaab first created his amulets in the early 2500s and continually until late 2500s. LP Tim was always invited to join all incantation ceremonies held by LP Thaab-- this means that all LP Thaab's amulets were co-blessed by LP Tim. So, this is the reason why LP Taab's amulets are so powerful in Maha Metta and Maha Saneh equally as same as LP Tim's stuffs.   

Because LP Tim's amulets price are so steep now, LP Thaab's stuffs become smart choice for smart collectors.    

LP Thaab and LP Tim are really close friends of each other. When LP Thaab passed away in B.E. 2509 at the age of 89, LP Tim was the major patron and presided over LP Thaab's
funeral ceremony thoroughly.

HTF = hard to find
KlaewKlaad = free from all harms, life safty
Maha Metta = to be kindly liked and loved by others
Maha Saneh = to be attractive and loved by opposite sex
charismatic power = Maha Amnaj
Phutdhakom = Buddhistic incantation

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